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Projects are at the heart of Clariti! Come check out a few ideas for projects in Clariti.

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Projects are at the heart of Clariti! We aggregate the data for you and make it easy to create data driven task lists! The ways to use a project are endless.

Here a some ideas from our users to help get your brain juices flowing! 🤯

  • Old posts that need to be noindexed or deleted

  • Seasonal posts that need to be refreshed or pushed out to social

    • *great way to use the due date feature!

  • Full revamp for old posts

  • Broken link fixes

  • Posts to reshoot

  • Fix alt text

  • Roundups to update

  • Top posts check

  • Broken image fix

  • Posts not refreshed in the last year

  • Social shares

  • Optimize meta description

  • Update/add FAQ section

  • Test and pass rich results tool

We also wrote a blog post covering more Project ideas called 5 Great Ways to Organize, Manage, and Optimize Your Content which goes into a bit more detail, including some Pinch of Yum Project examples!

Haven't created your first Project yet? Follow these simple steps to get going!

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