Will the Clariti WordPress plugin affect my site performance?

  • Our plug-in is extremely lightweight. We pull all of our data using the public WordPress API, not the plug-in. The plug-in simply notifies Clariti when a post has changed so Clariti knows what to re-sync.

  • We have some very large blogs using Clariti with virtually no effect to performance.

Can I use my API key on multiple sites?

Each Clariti API key is valid on only one site.

What if I want to use the plugin on more than one site?

Currently, each API key can only be used with one site. Additionally, users are only able to set up one site per account. Please contact support if you'd like to add a second blog.

Do I need to download a new version of the plugin for every update?

No. As long as you have a valid license key, you will be prompted to update the plugin in your WordPress Dashboard Plugins area.

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