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Is my site compatible with Clariti?
Is my site compatible with Clariti?

Learn how to set up your site to be compatible with Clariti

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In this article, we cover the most common reasons sites may not be compatible with Clariti, and provide solutions on how to address these issues.

Is your site on WordPress?

Clariti only works with WordPress at this time. If you're using Squarespace, Blogger, Wix, or any other platform for your blog, unfortunately, your site will not be compatible with Clariti. If we support other platforms in the future, we'll be sure to announce it on our website.

Are there firewalls blocking the WP REST API?

When our system does a quick scan of your site to verify compatibility, it is testing to see if your WordPress REST API blocks unauthenticated requests.

When this happens, oftentimes this means requests from Clariti to your site are being blocked by a firewall, usually by a setting in your security setup, Cloudflare, and/or other firewalls set up by your host.

We recommend whitelisting Clariti in all these places. You can do this by adding Clariti's IP address in a firewall rule and setting it to "allow". Clariti's IP address is

If you're not sure how to troubleshoot this yourself, we recommend contacting your host who may be able to do this for you.

Is the correct information in each field?

When signing up for the Clariti waitlist, be sure to enter the correct information in the URL field, and do not leave this field blank. We use this information to test your site's compatibility before onboarding.

If you would like to add multiple sites to your Clariti account, please contact [email protected] to discuss onboarding and pricing.

Is your site currently active with at least 200 blog posts?

We are only able to onboard active WordPress sites with blogs that are compatible with Clariti. Sites that are not yet live, or still planning to launch, will not be able to run through our site checker.

It may also be worth noting that Clariti is best for bloggers with 200+ posts that want to start, or have started, doing content audits of their older posts and pages, and are wanting to move away from spreadsheets or other platforms that aren't helping them reduce the time required to get a bird's eye view of where things are and what needs fixing and optimizing.

With that said, we do have many bloggers with less than 200 posts that have decided to join Clariti because 1) They want to make sure they get in on the early adopter deal, 2) They know they are going to grow into Clariti and don't want to move their data from another platform, and 3) They feel they are ready to make updating old content part of their content strategy.

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